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to steve. wow! that is cold. it will be sunny and breezy, high -- breezy, highs in the 50s and we have more coming up on mornings on 2. a house fire happened near the diablo country club and we just got new information. also a water-main break near diablo beach, this is affects homes businesses and even cable cars, stay right here with us.
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good morning. i'm brian flores live in diablo where fire crews continue to mopup after an intense early- morning house fire. we'll tell you how it may have started -- coming up. a baby found dead in the salinas valley. why the child's grieving mother is questioning how the authorities handled this tragic case. >> reporter: a broken main sends water rushing into the san francisco intersection in the north beach neighborhood. how it's affecting cable car service this morning. also, the student who was sickant at the center of a school health threat in one bay area city. "mornings on 2" begins right now.
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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, february 20th. firefighters are still on the scene of a huge fire at the home on diablo. it started at 4:30 this morning near the diablo country club. brian flores is live on the scene with more on the progress firefighters have made in the last 30 minutes. good morning, brian. >> reporter: we're inside the country club. as you can see, firefighters made significant progress since this fire started. you can see fire crews inside the garage and also on the upstairs. this is actually a caretaker's home, which is separate from the main house of this property on alameda diablo boulevard. for more information on what may have happened, let's bring in chief jack barton from the
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san ramon fire district. chief, what can you tell us exactly what happened this morning? >> we got the call at approximately 4:44 in the morning. the occupant smelled smoke, able to get out. notified the fire department. we arrived and made an aggressive interior attack after clearing the structure and made sure everyone was out. >> reporter: we got the fire knocked out in 20, 30 minutes and under control in about -- in about an hour. >> reporter: the flames looked pretty intense from the video. first of all, was there any suspicious about the fire, anything we should know of? >> nothing suspicious at this time. the investigator is on scene doing her investigation. the occupants were alerted by the smell of smoke and they made it out as far as any of their details, their investigation should reveal anything. >> reporter: when we talk about occupants, there's a main house here, and this is actually the
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caretaker's home. did the -- were the caretakers the ones alerted by smoke? >> yes, they were alerted by the smoke and made the call to us. >> reporter: any injuries at all to -- at all to report? >> no. >> reporter: any damage estimates, dollarwise? >> no. we should have that soon. >> reporter: firefighters are making significant progress at this house fire. as soon as we find out more information, we'll pass it along. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the chp blames a wrong-way driver for a head-on freeway crash overnight near tracy. it happened around midnight on westbound 580 near north flynn road. investigators say the driver of a white mitsubishi was going on the wrong way in the fast lane when his car collided head john. the okay pants suffered serious
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injuries. the chp is -- headon injuries. the occupants suffered serious injuries. the chp is investigating whether alcohol was involved. a water main break caused damage at mason and fillbert. claudine wong has been there since 4:30. the repair crews are trying to fix that broken pipe? >> reporter: yeah. there is a lot of work that still needs to be done out here. the water is gone but the mess remains. take a look at the mud left in the street. you can tell, this is where the water came rushing down. this is mason and fillbert. do you see the grass stuck in that pile of mud? let me show you where that came from because it came from right here in this coned-area. this is where the 12-inch main is sitting under the sidewalk. the crews want to get to it. they need to dig up the sidewalk and take a look at it.
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they can't do that until pg&e comes out and marks the gas lines. we're told they should be here maybe the next 15 minutes or so. as you take a look at across the street, a gentleman from muni is waiting to inspect the cable cars. if we pan up the street this way, you can actually see all of the water department crews waiting to get to work as well digging everything up. this all started about 3:00 this morning. that is when water started rushing down the street. it -- it was a 12-inch main but it took them a little while to figure out that out because water was coming from several areas of the street. residents were surprised to wake up and find they were without water. >> i went to brush my teeth and wash my face, there was no water. all i could hear was bubbles in the background. so i walk down the street and i see this mess all over the
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place. it's just amazing. >> reporter: so at this point, the plan is to wait for pg&e to come out here. about 15s ago, said -- 15 minutes ago, the water department said pg&e gave them an estimate of 20, 25 minutes. they expect them out any minute. in the meantime, the cable car folks will come out here and inspect the lines. they will look at the tracks you are seeing there. they are gonna check them for mud and debris. they want to make sure before they send them a cable car. there's problems with a track. they are doing a bridge here. you will have to get around that. sal, certainly something to keep in mind. it's a popular lane for those who want to hop on the cable cars. >> that's right. and they may have shuttle services there or you could walk a few blocks. traffic and looking at the
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biggest problem, it's 880. look at this, it's very slow and this is because of an accident in downtown oakland near 5th and embarcadero. much worse than it normally is. if you are watching this at home, you drive in from fremont or you drive from -- wherever. the south bay, you use 880, i would not. it is backing up quickly. try 580. that will be more crowded but it will be a better bet. 580, that means you have more friends coming over with you. it will be slower. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for a 15, 20- minute delay. contra costa county, the slowest traffic is in antioch. 680 a little bit slow in pleasant hill. as we move the maps over to the peninsula, highway 10 looks pretty good between burlingame and redwood city. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a fun weather day yesterday. we had low snow levels. a lot of reports of hails.
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the system just missed us. if it had -- i say that because the core of the system went offshore and moved inland. if it had gone over the bay area about 4:00, 5:00, we would have more to talk about. we had plenty yesterday. it's all gone. some 20s being reported. a lot of 30s in san francisco. there's a cold pattern out there. sunny and prez. cold lows thursday. a little warmer. we're running below average on the temperatures. yesterday we were 12 degrees below average. the weekend looks cool and breezy. this may be one system for rain and then out. it just doesn't look promising for rain in the seven, ten-day outlook except for a few high clouds -- outlook. except for a few high clouds, everything is coming out of the northwest. .25 to .50 is what we thought and that's what everyone picked up. unfortunately, it means we're still below average on seasonal
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rainfall. we were doing so well now two months back-to-back of below- average rain. 48 in san francisco. 49 in concord. 52 santa rosa. today, mainly upper 50s. a north wind usually helps sonoma county air. there's the low. oregon border cresten city -- oregon border, crescent city, it just missed us. grapevine is closed because of the snow and ice. 40s, 30s and 20s. 41 officially in san francisco. noe valley is 35. 38 on potrero hill. for us we get the sunshine, but it won't be very warm. breezy, a cold morning. especially higher elevcoast, vi is great, air quality is great. focus on the positives but temperature should be about 60, 65. a little warmer tomorrow. but again cold lows, mostly
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sunny, partly cloudy. cool and breezy as we go into the weekend. 7:09. picking the next pope. the california cardinal that's become the center of controversy. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. the new bipartisan ad campaign for same-sex marriage. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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well, it's cold out there, some 20s, 30s, low 40s. a lot of 30s near the coast. maybe some ice on the windshield. it will be sunny. highs mainly in the 50s. chilly conditions could help the snow stick to bay area mountaintops. yesterday's system blanketed mt. diablo with about 3 inches of snow. since the roads up to the mountaintops were closed, some people trekked up with sleds to
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play a little bit. mission peak, fremont, san jose, they also were covered in snow. the snow dumped heavy in the sacramento area. look at this. the drivers stopped at the gas station to put train -- to put chains on their cars. the chp says the police responded to several spinouts because of all of the snow. 7:13. new developments on a gas explosion and fire in kansas city, missouri. more than a dozen people were injured in the blast. mike tobin is in kansas city and says one person is still missing. good morning, mike. >> reporter: one person is still missing, tori. i will step out of the way and get a bumpy zoom into the scene. you may be able to see some of the firefighters sifting through the rubble right now. the priority at this stage of the game. you mentioned the woman who was miss, the cadaver dogs have been going through. you see the fire crews. they want to try to locate that one female employee who has
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been missing since the time of the blast and provides answers to her loved ones. that's the priority. the preliminary investigation right now indicates that a crew with missouri gas and electric working in the area struck a gas line and caused that leak. in the hour leading up to the explosion, witnesses say about before that giant fireball broke out, witnesses say there was an overwhelming smell of gas in the area. >> it wasn't two minutes when we were grabbing our stuff and the explosion hit. >> reporter: there were about 14 people admitted to the hospital. three remain hospitalized in serious and critical condition. what's interesting to note about their injuries, while there were some burns, some smoke inhalation, that was not the predominant type of injury you got out here. the are predominant injuries were broken bones, concussions, injuries that ulted not from the fire but from the force of
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the blast. tori? >> mike tobin joining us live from kansas city, missouri. thank you. president obama warning of severe economic consequences if automatic federal government spending cut the take effect next week -- cuts take effect next week. as kyla campbell reports, next friday we could see the economy take a downturn. >> reporter: dave, congress is on break until monday. when they return to capitol hill, they will have just four days to reach a deal. meanwhile, federal civilian workers, including those in california, are learning more about possible furloughs today. the pentagon just announced a news conference at 10:00 a.m. pacific to lay out how these automatic spending cuts will affect our spending. there are about 170 federal civilian workers in california. most of them would be furloughed for up to 22 days. that's equivalent to a 20% pay cut over a six-month period. now, those furloughs would not
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kick in until april, even if sequestration takes effect next friday. businesses that work for the federal government would also cut back. >> that waiting and failing to spend now is what could lead to unemployment now and difficulties later. . >> reporter: we'll -- we'll take a look at what the long- term effects could be on -- on california -- next. >> thank you. a group that supports same- sex marriage is launching a $is million -- is launching a $1 million campaign featuring clips of president obama, former first lady laura bush, colin powell and former vice president, dick cheney, all expressing support for same-sex marriage. the group says the goal of the tv ad is to show there is bipartisan support for same-sex
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marriage. as the vatican prepares for the process of selecting a new pope, there's growing controversy over whether a los angeles cardinal should be part of the conclave. roger mahony was strip of his duties last month at the largest catholic in the u.s. that was after documents show mahoney and other search officials hid accusations against child-molesting priests. >> mahoney is the flavor of the month. this case is very recent. but there may be others who also had some problems with the administration of sexual abuse cases in their diocese. >> the papal conclave is expected to meet sometime in march. 117 cardinals will have to agree on a two-thirds majority to elect the new pope. yesterday, mahoney posted a tweet indicating he will take part in the conclave. and we're hearing that an
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american cardinal is considered one of the possible candidates for the new pope. shawn o'malley has been mentioned frequently in the italian press. there's never been an american pope. in fact, they've all been european. this time around, cardinals from africa and south are also being talked about -- south america are also being talked about as candidates. jesse jackson, junior and his wife are expected to plead guilty to misusing campaigns. prosecutors say used $50 to, in campaign money for -- $750,000 in campaign money for personal use. jackson's wife is charged with filing false tax returns. jackson resigned shortly after being re-elected. there's new information about christopher dorner suspected of killing four
7:21 am
people. investigators now believe stoner stalked at least five top l.a.p.d. officials before -- dorner stalked at least five top l.a.p.d. officers before the killings. all had direction to fire dorner. now, charlie beck has ordered a complete investigation about how dorner was fired. dorner complained. he was -- dorner claimed he was a target of racism as he worked for the l.a.p.d. >> i do not believe that's justified, but -- and this is a big caveat -- it needs to be address. we are only as good as the public thinks we are. >> the former police officer turned fugitive died during a mountain cabin shootout a week ago. police in the north bay are investigating a string of bank robberies. the most recent one happened at 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the u.s. bank branch inside the safeway at the hamilton
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marketplace. police -- place. the suspect's description is similar to what of -- to that of bank robberies in santa rosa and rohnert park. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. safety escorts are being provided for students at ucsc. they will be able to use the service between 8:00 p.m. and 2:45 a.m. last week a student was shot at a bus stop near campus. on sunday, a woman said she was raped and beaten on campus. santa cruz police will be at the meeting at 7:00 tonight to talk about the attacks and also announce a reward. 7:20. it's downright cold this morning. >> yes. >> i have frost on my car. >> as we look out the window, that looks clear and pretty. stay tuned, steve is coming back. he will tell you if any more rain is on the way. i first thought it was a
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car. >> how a south bay family figured out it was crime, not a car problem making them spend more for gas. good morning. northbound 2le 80, we -- 280 we see some slow traffic coming up. we'll tell you more about the commute and the busy spots -- coming up.
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7:23. muni has made an announcement about the central subway project that could be cause for celebration in north beach. the muni board has agreed to a deal to store tunnel machines at a vacant beach theater. the old pagoa palace will be torn down to store two big machines. muni originally was going to store the weekend on columbus avenue, a proposal that alarmed many neighborhoods. police are policing patrols where a gas thief is targeting
7:26 am
people in their own driveways. now nathan and jo barrett live in willow glen and noticed they had to fill up more often than usual. when they checked their credit card statement, they figured out someone was stealing a few gallons of gas out of each of their valleys. they -- vehicles. they worry others nearby may be victims as well. >> in the aggregate for them, it probably -- literally, the money is adding up into the hundreds of dollars. >> the barrettes think they lost about $150 worth of gas. now they have gas locks on all of their vehicles. 7:24. we want to check in again with sal, see what's happening on the roads. a little busy out there. it is tori. some of the busiest traffic is in the east bay, unfortunately. 880. we had an earlier crash at fifth and embarcadero. the lanes are open. you can find of see the traffic is beginning to unwind but it's
7:27 am
still pretty slow from at least hegenberger road near the coliseum area. 580 is a decent alternative for you right now, westbound 580 it doesn't look that bad except in castro valley. the morning commute will be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to a live picture there. that's about a 25-minute delay. there are no problems on the bridge itself. peninsula traffic looks good on -- on 101 and 280 heading south. 2:-- 7:25. let's go to steve. a lot of 20s, 30s around. 27 napa airport. had reports of 26, 27 around rutherford and yountville. i know it's cold. upper 20s, the santa cruz mountains. santa rosa, sonoma county airport. 41 san francisco. but the richmond district is 39. potrero hill, 38. it's colder near antioch. it's pretty cold here. san jose, not far away you can
7:28 am
find some upert 30 -- upper 30s. san francisco, starting off 41. we'll go 52 and then 56 for a high after yesterday's 48. normal high is about 60 degrees. sunny, clear skies. i mean, it's one system and out of here. rainfall below average, even though yesterday picked up about .25 to .50. it helped but now we're all -- everyone is below average on the rainfall. it doesn't look like there's anything coming in upstream except sunshine today and some cool, breezy temperatures, tori? >> thank you, steve. 7:26. a homeless woman is killed on a sonoma county highway. how the woman's lost dog played a role in the tragedy. >> reporter: the family of a missing castroville family found dead is in the morning. we'll tell you why the family is now questioning law enforcement. >> reporter: we're live in petaluma where a high school student has a life-threatening disease that's contagious. we'll tell you why health officials are so concerned when "mornings on 2" continues.
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the search for a missing baby in monterey bay has come to a deadly end. janine de la vega is live with more. >> reporter: the baby girl's family has gone through a range of emotions in the past few days from hope to sorrow and now frustration. they are questioning why an
7:32 am
amber alert was not issued as that could have saved little -- could have saved angelle jenisis negron's life. her body was found yesterday covered by debris on the outskirts of salinas. jesus espinoza has been arrested. he's the boyfriend of her mother. they say he was cooperative to leading them to her body. nog says espinoza made excuses about why he had not brought her home and she was reported over the weekend. the sheriff's department said they didn't have enough information about the dash specific information about the suspect. >> you -- -- did -- did not
7:33 am
have enough specific information about the suspect. and you need to have that. >> reporter: investigators don't know how or when angell. he was killed. an autopsy is -- angell. he was killed. we're how the billion girl was killed. in overnight news, pg&e is investigating two separate and unconnected power outages in san rafael. one blackout is still affecting homes and businesses this morning. a car hit a pole in the santa venetia neighborhood knocking out power to 3500 customers. the number is town to 66 homes and businesses in the dark. pg&e expects to restore power to everyone in about one hour. there was a much larger power outage in the terra linda area of san rafael last night.
7:34 am
the light went out shortly after 6:00, affecting about 20,000 homes and businesses. pg&e was able to restore power to everyone about three hours later. there are reports a downed power line caused this power outage. but the investigation is not complete. 7:31. >> the chp is investigating the death of a homeless woman struck and killed on a santa rosa roadway while looking for her lost dog. it happened last night near the intersection of west avenue and meekland court. investigators say the 45-year- old woman was looking for her lost chihuahua with her boyfriend when she stepped into traffic. she was hit by two cars and died. the chp says both drivers are cooperating with investigators. two petaluma schools have issued health alerts this morning. a 17-year-old student was hospitalized over the weekend with a highly-contagious blood infection. tara moriarty says it was caused by a bacteria that can
7:35 am
develop into meningitis. >> reporter: students are just starting to arrive here. one girl we spoke to said the concern level really was not that high. but parents that we've spoken to seem very worried. health officials want to make sure that this disease doesn't spread to anyone else. here's what happened. saturday night, a 17-year-old fell very ill and collapsed. doctors discovered he contracted the highly contagious blood infection caused by a bacteria that can develop into meningitis. >> i would be worried for the child and i feel for the parents. yeah. i'm worried about my own kids. but i know that they are doing something about it. they are taking care of him. yes. very concerned. >> reporter: now, it's called meningococcal december and can lead to -- disease and can lead
7:36 am
to high fever, rash and stiff neck. the disease is treated with's but if left un-- with antibiotics but if left untreated, it can lead to death. the disease is passed by kissing, sharing u tin sills or getting cue -- utensils or getting coughed on. as for the teen, his condition has improved. he's still listed in serious condition. the students at the -- at the high school have been notified. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:34. an antioch family is suing -- accusing school officials there at a charter academy of child abuse. it's a compoliticalcated case. a civil lawsuit claims a teacher duct taped shut the mouth of an 8-year-old boy. now, it also adds that another teacher punished him byes placing a chair over him and sitting on it. other teachers and the principal reportedly are named
7:37 am
in the lawsuit for not reporting the incident. the boy is at another school and the contra costa sheriff's department is investigating. new this morning, at this time tomorrow, olympic runner and accused murderer oscar pistorius could be released from jail. during today's bail hearing, police linted that the slept athlete may be using performance-enhancing drugs -- that the celebrity as heat may be using performance-enhancing drugs -- that the celebrity may be using performance- enhancing drugs drugs. the arguments for the chandra leavey state, those records have been unsealed. her 2001 murder attracted attention because of an affair she was allegedly having with california congressman gary condit. her killer was convicted in 2010. he's serving a 60-year prison
7:38 am
sentence. the oakland city council voted to set aside more than $160,000 to keep chp officers out there patrolling streets. the money approved last night will go to part-time patrols. they will begin march 1st and continue for two months. the funding should keep the chp officers on the job until the newest graduates of oakland's police academy are ready to hit the streets. the chp officers have been out patrolling the streets since november. the state of california has been picking up the tab until now. after years of cutbacks and layoffs that led to rising crime rates, bay area police departments are hiring again. the san jose mercury news reports 12 of the local 13 agencies it surveyed have cut jobs in the last five years. the total loss was about 1,000 jobs or close to 13% of the total crime-fighting force. now, those same police agencies are adding 480 new officers.
7:39 am
it's 7:36. an fbi agent and a fugitive are both in the hospital this morning after a shootout in las vegas. witnesses describe the scene as chaotic. the agent was wounded while running after the suspect yesterday afternoon. witnesses heard numerous gunshots and ducked for cover. >> got down and gunshots started going off. i just stayed down until, you know, i didn't hear them anymore. >> investigators are not saying much about the operation except that it was a joint mission with local, state and federal authorities. the fbi agent is expected to fully recover. no word on the condition of the suspect. all right. 7:37. let's bring sal back. have you been able to folks on 880 yet. we are helping them by et willing them know that the commute is getting better on 880 northbound because the lanes have been opened. you see movement as you drive past the coliseum. there have been no major problems since the crash that
7:40 am
was there about an hour ago. it took them about 45 minutes to clear it. and that now all of the lanes are opened. we're in bad shape. you might want to think about using 580 westbound which means more people are gonna -- gonna be on 580. but still better than 880 at this point. a live look at the bay bridge is backed up for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. that's not out of the ordinary. a little bit windy on the spans of the bridges. just be careful especially if you drive a small car. put both hands on that steering wheel. the san mateo bridge traffic looks good as you drive through. there are no major problems. from 238 to mowry avenue it's up to a 20-minute drive. if you are driving into the slay valley, it's -- the santa clara valley, it's barked up. let's go to steve. beautiful site. it was a very dynamic system.
7:41 am
didn't have a lot of moisture with it. but produced some hail, sunny, breezy. cold lows, 20s, 30s, 40s. a cool pattern on the weekend. maybe a weak system on saturday morning could be light rain to the north. i think it will wash itself out. it will keeping us from warming you. we were way below yesterday. the system that's churning down in southern california about ready to exit to arizona. a lot of the baseball activities in arizona are indoors because of the rain. also las vegas. but for us, high pressure is building in. the rain was right on the money. .25 to .5 is exactly what fell. .5. give this system credit, it had a lot going with it. it's on the way out of the picture. it left behind very, very cold air. 27 napa, 29 santa rosa. there's 30s in san francisco. a little bills of a breeze might hold some of these
7:42 am
temperatures up. you can find colder readings. strong low that we had is pushing off. high pressure fills into the north. sunny, breezy, a cold morning. no doubt about it. a little windy at times. some of the higher elevations along the coast. upper 50s. low 60s. yesterday was 48 to 52. so we're rebounding a little bit here. but we're still averaging below on the temperatures. about the same tomorrow. but i think we'll get some more 20s. mostly sunny on friday. there's a weak system coming in on saturday. i don't think it will do much except cool us down. all right. thank you, steve. strong winds during yesterday's stormindustried a patio in -- storm destroyed a patio on colby near hesperian boulevard. debris from the patio went flying around the neighborhood. no one was hurt. there are no reports of other damage in the area. the storm here brought a big blast of snow in the sore.
7:43 am
we'll live go to sugar bowl next for a look at the wintry confession. a rare confession from -- from apple when they visited the site of a software developer. get whatever you want, baby.
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cold out there. it will be sunny. our system is in southern california. great visibility, good air quality. we'll focus on the positives. we had some rain, snow and hail. but they did pick up some snow in the sierra nevada. they could use a hot more. brian hickey joins us live from beautiful sugar bowl. what's the snow condition up there? >> reporter: allow me to show
7:46 am
you since you asked. i know skiers and snowboarders can get a lot from just this right here. look at that right there. yes, wonderful, light, dry, fluffy powder up here. got about 10 inches here. as the sun is starting to crest here in the sierra. starting to light things up there with over a foot of snow up near the summit making for an excellent day of -- excellent day of skiing. the clouds have cleared out of the way. this comes at the perfect time. this is ski and skate week for the schools, not only here in tahoe. but in the bay area, a lot of kids are out and coming to play. >> it's cold, too. a lot of people off schools, taking vacations, holidays coming up. lodges are full, bars and restaurants and the slopes now. >> reporter: i think we'll have to go and do a little research and sample the product. >> product knowledge. >> reporter: after a dry spell there, it was certainly -- now, this. this is what you need to bring
7:47 am
people back up to the mountains after everyone was thinking about golf instead of skiing. winter has returned. hopefully it will continue through march. >> reporter: icing this powder cake is the fact that 880 is open with no controls, even as early as 2:00 a.m. we blasted up here with no chains. should be a great day for everyone that has the day off, maybe need the day off. back to you. >> brian, you don't sound so good. >> reporter: yeah. hard to breathe. take the day off. [laughter] >> thankfully somebody got some snow. lake level not much. but we did get some. >> all right. thank you, guys. 7:45. well, thstock market indexes flipping between small gains and losses after the government reported that howesing construction slowed down during the first month of the year and the uncertainty is likely
7:48 am
behind this start in housing and consumer confidence. the dow is up 10. the nasdaq, though, down 5. s&p down 2. safeway is testing its own debit card that does not even need annual card. it links to the shoppers' checking account club loyalty card and phone number. a shopper can input their number to have money deducted from their checking account. shoppers who use this use twice as many gas points than in they paid any other way. the program is being used in sacramento and could expand to the bay area soon. 7:46. new this morning, more twists and turns in the murder case of oscar pistorius. the pretrial hearing ended a little while ago. pam cook's here in the studio to tell us what happened and the very important decision the judge could make this week. >> it was another emotional day in court for oscar pistorius,
7:49 am
his family and the family of reeva steevkamp. the girlfriend he killed. oscar pistorius appeared in court under heavy security. the pretrial is designed to determine if pus sore just will be on -- if oscar pistorius will be released on bail during the trial. the court observers believe he will be granted bail tomorrow. >> they will in all -- there will in all probability be conditions attached to the bail, like, for example, handing in his passport, not being per milted to interfere with any state witnesses, et cetera, et cetera. >> during today's hearing police announced that they found two boxes of testosterone and needles in his bedroom the
7:50 am
night he killed his girlfriend. prosecutors suggest this could be a case of rid rage. but the -- roid rage. but the -- but it's suggested this was not performance- enhancing drugs. witnesses say there were screaming and gunshots heard coming from the house by neighbors. 7:48. meantime, lance armstrong has to decide today whether he will talk under oath to anti-doping officials. the u.s. anti-doping agency wants to disgrace cyclists to -- wants the disgrayed cyclist -- disgraced cyclist to tell all he knows. they say his cooperation is vital under for cleaning up the sport. he's banned right now from all these sports. if he talks that may be lifted.
7:51 am
here is worried he may be exposing himself to future lawsuits. apple said they were the victim of a cyber hack. they say some employees were hacked. the malware was designed to infect mac computers in a flaw in java software. an investigation is underway. china's defense ministry says a report accusing china of hacking attacks on u.s. targets is flawed. in a statement released today, china's military says the report tying the cyber attacks to a secret-chinese military unit working out of this facility in wrong. the defense ministry says merely linking the ip addresses to the facility is not technical proof. 7:49. some california farmers feel
7:52 am
line they are being stunned -- stung. the serious reason a sea otter was trained how to slam- dunk.
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. a shortage of honey bees threatening california's almond crop. reportedly more than 800,000 acres of almonds are planted all over california. the growers want to cash in the higher sale prices for almonds but they are having a tough time finding bees to pollinate the plants. diseases that reduce the population and out of stay bee croppers face tougher inspections. this is 16-year-old eddie the sea otter, an expert at the slam dunk. >> he's great. >> sees so good, zookeepers say
7:55 am
he rarely missing -- he's so good, zookeepers say he rarely misses. he has arthritis and the slam dunking loosens up his joint. we're approaching the complete conversion to electronic toll taking on the bridge. now the district is trying to educate the 6 million a year who don't use this. they will start to pass out information about signing up for fastrack or a license plate account. just what they don't need on interstate 80, sal, a new crash. >> you are absolutely right. they don't need it. the commute in pinole has been going pretty well. there is a crash westbound. it's on. shoulder. it's no injuries. after that, we have slow traffic heading west to richmond, slow traffic at the toll plaza, of course. we're looking at the nimitz freeway between 238 and mowry
7:56 am
avenue. kind of a quick one. 26 minutes as you drive through. it's been increasing. remember, usually it takes 10 to 12 minutes when there's no traffic there. as we move to the south bay, northbound 101 is the busiest commute. 280 and 85 are going slow. 880s had been a mess because of earlier problems. it's still unwinding, the slow traffic from 238 all the way up to downtown oakland. i think the preferred alternate route would be 580 westbound. i think you will like that much better. there's a little bit of slow traffic there but not as bad as 880. 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. we just had somebody time it out for us. that's the same information we're getting there. bill tweety drove by there, he says 25 minutes. right on the money. once you get on the bridge, it's pretty good in san francisco. let's go to steve. >> bill is very good information.
7:57 am
>> yes. a couple of tweets coming in saying my gosh, is it cold? is it gonna stay this way all morning? at least it's sunny. a little bit of a -- of a breeze for some. we had hail, thunder, snow rain. now it's in southern california on its way to arizona. some of the lows here -- now, again, i had from doug in fremo elizabeth, he said you are right on some of these temperatures, 31 degrees. some ice on the bird bath. antioch not far away. you can find colder temperatures than that. that's why i mentioned not that far away, you can find a difference. 27 in napa, 29 in santa rosa. forecast for san francisco, yesterday's high was 48. it should be closer to 60. today we'll go 68. a lot of sun. not very warm. it will stay sunny, breezy. no more rain. the next system could be saturday morning. but that looks really, really
7:58 am
week. 50s on the temperatures or very low 60s. >> thank you, steve. 7:55. an overnight water main break in san francisco. the damage is caused to nearby homes because the problem it continues to bring to cable cars. >> we're live in diablo where fire crews are working on putting out an early-morning house fire. you will hear from the occupants coming up. we're still three days away from the chinese parade in san francisco. this morning, we have a spectacular behind the scenes look. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
7:59 am
who can withstand the perils of air travel? can you survive change fees? blackout dates? boarding in mobs? do you actually, in a weird way, kind of enjoy rude service? then you might have what it takes to keep flying your airline. ♪ if you don't, then stop playing the airline game by their rules. come on over to southwest, the one airline that changed the game for the whole industry. ♪
8:00 am
 welcome back. firefighters have put out the big fire we've been following at a house in diablo. it started near 4:45 this morning right near the diablo country club. ktvu's brian flores is at the scene. you can tell us why this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: well, you are exactly right, dave. good morning to you. we're on the 6100 block of alameda debe a blow boulevard. as you -- diablo boulevard. as you can see, a lot of damage to what is described as a caretaker's home. it's a separate home from the
8:01 am
main house. a lot of dark especially ong the second floors. some damage to the garage as well. but the good news, firefighters say no injuries. let's go to video shot from a ktvu viewer. you can see flames just shooting up pretty high, pretty intense there as well. this was a single-alarm fire that started just before 5:00, roughly around 4:45. fire officials say it's still unclear what caused it. it appears that this guesthouse is at a complete loss at this point. crews with san ramon fire protection district responded here. it took about an hour to completely douse this fire but they spent most of the morning putting out hotspots. >> a lot of smoke. we had to -- to run. we didn't grab anything. >> i don't know if they will need red cross. they will not be able to occupy the building. it's pretty much gutted, i
8:02 am
believe, now. >> reporter: according to this point, fire officials had to look for hot spots. it doesn't look like there were any. firefighters say it may have started in the back of the house. but it's still unclear as that fire started as we take it back out here live. you are right. it could have gone a lot worse. we understand that power has been cut out to the house here. it's unclear when the power will be restored. as you can see, fire crews observing any last-minute damage here but they will be out of here probably within the next hour or two but luckily no injuries to this house fire this morning. we're live here in diablo, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. in overnight news, the chp is blaming a wrong-way driver for a headon freeway crash in tracy. it happened shortly after midnight on westbound 580 near north flynn road. investigators say a driver of a white mitsubishi was going the wrong way in the fast lane when his car collided headon with a
8:03 am
toyota camry. the drivers suffered serious injuries. this brought traffic to a halt for nearly two hours. the chp is investigating whether alcohol played a role. pleasant hill police are looking for two men who robbed a gas station at gunpoint. it happened at the 76 station on monument boulevard shortly after 7:30. police say two masked men confronted the clerk with a gun and then stole cash from the register. the clerk was not hurt. anyone with information is asked to contact pleasant hill police. your time is 8:01. a san francisco water main break this morning affected several homes. it also disrupted a popular cable car line. there was minor street flooding there at mason and fillbert in north beach. the water service has been restored now. it was cut off to homes in the two-block area. crews have been waiting for pg&e to turn off gas lines before they dig up the entire intersection and then fix a broken water line.
8:04 am
there's damage to the street and minor flooding. >> i went in to brush my teeth and wash my face and there was no water. all i could hear was bubbles in the background. so then i walked down the street and i see this mess all over the place. it's just amazing. >> again we've been told the water is back on in the area. muni is gonna check the cable car tracks before the cable car service resumes through this neighborhood. right now, buses are taking passengers through this particular area. two minutes after 8:00. the big story has been 880. we want to check in again with sal and see what's happening there. >> i've been leading almost every report with it because it's been so gad. 880 -- so bad, 880 northbound. it's not improved that much from that crash. once it gets stacked up this way, it takes a while for it to unwind its backed up to 238. so this crash that's been gone for a while still having
8:05 am
effects on northbound interstate 880. 580 is a decent alternative although it's not the greatest right now. it's going to be slow. i would still say 580 is a better bet. we'll keep hitting this -- i know you will get tired of it. we have to let you know if and when it does improve. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up between 20, 25 minutes a slight improvement at the toll plaza. 80 westbound, busy to pin nome and richmond. we had a minor accident at pinole valley road. i want to talk about the nimitz freeway between 238 and fremont southbound. we've had some slow traffic there. 26-minute drive from 238 to mowry. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. >> a beautiful shot here. get out of the way, steve. snow up on the peaks. i will tell you a lot of reports of hale, lower snow levels. ill will tell you when it gets cold. the lady -- i will tell you when it gets cold, the tweets
8:06 am
are funny. seriously cold? yes. we had a lot of reports of ice on windshields even back to half moon bay. bird baths are cold. yeah, 20s and 30s, they will do it every time. the cold air sent temperatures plunging yesterday. they will rebound a little bit today. 48 in san francisco. concord was only 49. san jose was 50. santa rosa, 52. it was a balmy 52. 3461 today. most locations will be in the -- 61 today, most locations will be in the 30s. the main core of that low, right there. if it had just gone over us, we would have had more to talk about. the rainfall, .25 to .5. exact little what we talked about but it left -- exactly what we talked about but it left behind cool air. today, sunny and breezy.
8:07 am
27 napa, 29 santa rosa. there were temperatures freezing all over the place. walnut creek is still 33. a little breeze might hold some of these temperatures up. fremont, 31. drier air is coming in here. this system is prompting all baseball activities in arizona to be indoors because that's a pretty strong system moving into arizona. sunny, breezy, cold morning. a little windy. higher elevations. on the coast i've seen about 20, 30-mile-an-hour gusts. 50s for many. very low 60s. tomorrow morning it will be cold again. again? je, cold again. it will be -- yes. >> cold -- yes, cold. i think that means cold and breezy for us. >> okay. in case you didn't know, this is the year of the snake. this coming saturday night, san francisco will have the biggest chinese new year's parade
8:08 am
outside of asia. claudine wong live in chinatown right now to take us behind the scenes. you are gonna show us some of the colorful floats we'll see in the parade, claudine. >> reporter: that's right. we have a spectacular behind- the-scenes look at some of the floats. you know, the parade is three days away but you talk about the amount of work it takes to get the floats up and ready, there's no better person to talk about this than dave thomas. how tired are you? >> we did our counts and we are almost 7,000 manpower hours behind schedule. >> reporter: the result is spectacular. take me through some of the floats that we're looking at here right now. obviously it's the year of the snake. >> old navy has taken over the zing zodiac, the april mal of the year. we have a -- animal of the year
8:09 am
and we have a snake there with plenty of what we -- >> and this one? >> a happy little boy waving on the float. originally that was gonna be a live child. when we were doing structural tests, we had someone go up there and something cracked. so we decided to use this. >> osha probably appreciates that. >> we this lovely billion boy. he's called nugget. we have the chinese new year's kids on it. we must have a -- we will have amazing art go on the float. it will loan like a decorative jewel box. there's even a giant fortune cookie. >> reporter: you talk about these final days. i know you guys have a clock up there that says three days. i can't even read it. >> three days or three hours.
8:10 am
>> reporter: 58 minutes. literally, you will lose almost every one of those minutes. >> we've got every minute calculated out. we're hoping no rain storms will go in. the crew knows what they are doing. i think they will make it. >> reporter: we just talked a couple of minutes ago by watching those floats come down the streets. this is a huge celebration scene all over the country and -- >> yes. >> one of the biggest in the world and one of the few night parades. how special is it to see this? >> well, night parades are dead. they are very expensive to produce. it can average 30% more and even locating that many generators. the chamber of commerce has done an amazing job of deeping this a night-time parade. it's watched all over the world. in china, it got over -- i hope i say my figures right, but i'm
8:11 am
gonna say 50 million hits live during the steeling of the parade. it's -- streaming of the parade. it's a big thing for san francisco. for those of you who don't know what to do, come out. please take public transportation. come out. stake out your turf and have a great day. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. as ktvu people know, we're always part of that parade. it's a fantastic parade to be part of. and at a glimpse of the floats, it will be better than ever. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> claudine thank you, and dave, thank you as well. make sure you can watch the parade, height here on -- right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. this coming saturday. oakland's hopes of keeping its pro sports teams remain in doubt. the nfl will not loan the raiders money to build a stadium like the league did
8:12 am
with the 49ers. the nfl says there's not enough fan or corporate interest at this time. the as show no interest staying in oakland. the golden state ware -- the golden state warriors continue to eye a move to san francisco. it could cost baseball fans more to park. starting next month, meters will remain in operation until 10:00 p.m. mondays through sundays. the parking agency plans to raise parking rates during games and other events to $7 an hour. 8:10. the san francisco giants and city officials announced who will be the first tenant for the new mission rock development project. it's the anchor steam brewing company. they started in the city in the late 1800s. now, the giants are planning a $1.6 billion development called mission rock right across from the ballpark. anchor brewing would relocate to pier 48. they will put in a museum and a
8:13 am
brew pub. if this project clears the reviews, it could move by 2015. protesters at san francisco park are demanding a pay rise. they -- pay rise. the employees launched a website and they claim they haven't received a pay raise in four years. they say the giants have raised ticket prices and the value after the team has increased with the two world series championships. workers say it's only fair they share in the team's success. a spokesperson for the concession company says it's eager to begin contract talks. 8:11. a man on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of pittsburg is set to take effect in 30 days. the city council approved the ban last night with a second and final vote. the action comes before the city's two-year moratorium on pot dispensaries expires in april. the number of overdosed
8:14 am
deaths is up. the centers for disease control says most were accidents and involved addictive painkillers, oxy -- oxy condin and vicodin were the biggest problems. valium were also blamed for the overdoses. just about 8:12. new information about a troubled jet. very important discovery that could affect the future of the dreamliner. and john kerry making his first major speech as america's new top diplomat. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
8:15 am
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8:17 am
it's cold out there. but at least it will be sunny today compared to yesterday when we had upper 40s. today 50s, sunny, breezy. temperatures still remaining below average. 8:15. this morning defense secretary leon panetta said if automatic government spending cuts kick in on march 1st. the vast majority of the defense department's 800,000 civilian workers will face furloughs. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on the impact of the defense department cuts. kyla? >> reporter: yeah, this could affect the 170,000 federal civilian employees in california. if these automatic budget cuts go into effect next friday, leon panetta says nearly all defense department employees will be furloughed up to 21 days it would be structured so they lose one day of pay. that's equivalent to a 20% pay cut over six months.
8:18 am
economists say that would lead to consumers spending less money and businesses cutting back. this could be avoided if congress reaches a deal. house republicans voted twice to make what they call common sense cuts to avoid the bigger automatic cuts. senate democrats didn't vote on the legislation and say they will be reviewing their own ideas next week. experts say any immediate economic impact will likely be minimal because there are several safeguards in place. >> it will make a difference to unemployment a little bit. but also just -- just bis profits and wages generally. >> reporter: lawmakers from both parties want a long-term budget set by april. and that could keep the scheduled cuts from taking effect. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. animal right the groups want -- rights group want toxic lead used in guns for animals guns.
8:19 am
the nraa is accusing -- nra is accusing this group of trying to ban guns. 8:17. new this morning, japan's safety ministry may have found why at least one battery on board a boeing dreamliner overheated. investigators say the backup battery on the nippon airways 787 that made an emergency landing in japan was improperly wired. they say that second battery was not correctly connected to the main battery.
8:20 am
they add a protective valve would have prevented power in the backup battery to cause any damage. the board says it's contacting boeing to explain in dedale what it found -- in detail what it found. a very important part of a sonoma marin area has failed in crash tests. seats for the smart computer train did not pass the first safety test. the manufacturer and the district say the seats will be redesigned. they add there won't be a delay of the first sets of seats. those are due to be installed by the end of the year. the state analyst office want to look into whether utility customers have been overcharged. the question is whether the utility commission is properly managing balancing cuts. the accounts -- counts. if the utility receives more
8:21 am
lev knew -- revenue than needed, the users are supposed to receive a credit. david snyder is accused of setting off an explosion at his apartment complex last month. that explosion injured him. it also forced dozens of people to evacuate. now his family put up their homes and other property as collateral to get him out on bail. snyder is blocked from visiting the school without first notifying campus police. he's due to return to court on march 14th. police in pleasant hill have released new sketches of two men suspected of a violent home-invasion robbery two weeks ago. take a look at them. the sketches show two of the three men accused of breaking into a home hon wendy drive. the suspects -- on webdy drive. the suspects hit a man with a gun and also ransacked the house. police released photos of two getaway cars. these pictures were taken by a
8:22 am
nearby security camera. one of them is a white chevy trail blazer with tinted windows. the other is a two-door vehicle. john kerry making his first major address after taking over that position from hillary clinton. he's speaking at the university of virginia. let's listen in. >> maybe he knows something. i could learn a thing or two from them. we didn't overlap for long. but i want to tell everybody here that we know each other pretty well from service as a lieutenant-governor and when he was governor as the state. i was lieutenant-governor of my state. so we have that in common before being senators. i will tell you a quick story. i don't know -- what you -- i don't know what you do in virginia as lieutenant- governor. but massachusetts, once upon a time calvin coolidge was lieutenant-governor. he was at a dinner party and his interim governor turned to
8:23 am
him and said what do you do? he said i'm the interim governor of massachusetts. he said wow! that must be interesting. he said tell me all about the job. and he says i just did. [laughter] >> i trust because they embraced you and me, we made something more out of it. but i have huge admiration for tim cain. congressman hurtt referred to his work in honduras. just helping others to lead healthier lives. >> you've been listening live to john kerry giving his first speech as secretary of state. he's about to take his first maiden voyage at the secretary. he will visit close allies.
8:24 am
but he will not be going to israel or the palestinian territories. the u.s. is waiting for israeli political parties to form a new government after a recent -- after a recent election. he has a very busy i turnery. he has big heels to feel because former secretary of state was the most forecasted secretary of state in u.s. history -- traveled secretary of state in u.s. history, traveling over a million miles. there's a new warning about a christian dating site. what police say a man did on that's triggered an investigation. and steve will be back with the big chill and the snow- covered mountains. good morning. northbound 2 -- good morning. northbound 280 still slow.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
a southern california man is accused of using the dating website to hour a woman and rain her. 37-year-old shawn -- rape her. 37-year-old shawn banks was arrest and is accused of raping a woman he met on her website in her home in november. police say it took several months to find banks because he used several aliases online. investigators think there may be more victims. >> this individual traveled around a lot and we are concerned that there are people obviously outside of lamesa or
8:28 am
potentially outside of san diego county that could be a victim. >> banks pleaded not guilty and is out of jail on a $500,000 bond. the owner of christianmingle says the company is fully cooperating with police and has developed tools to ensure safety. sal, things getting better on 880. i like that. >> finally, they are getting better. it's taken a little while. northbound getting up to the 880 interchange. you will see some slowing as you drive past the hegenberger road turnoff. we were looking at this live picture. you can see a little bit more of a normal commute if you will. normal is a little slow near 66 getting up to downtown. that's good. some improvement. bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic there is moving along relatively well. it's seeing some improvement there. it's about a 20-minute delay. it's looking good for this time and is getting better. the morning drive on the san mateo bridge, though, just a little while ago was not that bad. it's improved a little bit but we had a problem on the foster
8:29 am
city side. but 880 getting to it is kind of slow as well. let's go to steve. >> it's darned cold out there. a lot of 20s, 30s, 40s. a lot of reports of ice. sunny, breezy to blustery, temperatures, i tell you, that low didn't give us much rain but it settled in with a lot of cold air. it will be a cool, cool day. compared to yesterday, our system is long gone. but many of the spring-training activities are indoors. a lot of tweets from arizona on that. dave, i will have more coming up in ten minutes. a hiker makes a very surprising discovery in a remote part of santa cruz county. what investigators have learned so far. >> reporter: a missing infant down dean and questions being raised -- infant found dead and
8:30 am
questions being raised by the infant's mother. @÷
8:31 am
8:32 am
welcome back. the search for a missing baby in monterey county came to a tragic end. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in the newsroom with more on the man now facing murder charges. >> the baby's girl family is grieving this morning but the mother is also questioning how law enforcement handled this case. 10-month-old angelle jenisis negron's body was found yesterday by monterey sheriff cutes she was covered up on a highway on the outskit --
8:33 am
outskirts of salinas. jesus espinoza led them to her body. pompey morales says he took her and never brought him home and made excuses for two weeks why he never brought her home. the family reported the child missing over the weekend. they question why an amber alert was not issued. >> we needed her done. >> we just want to give her the proper burial they deserve. >> the sheriff's department said they didn't have enough specific information to issue an alert. espinoza rode a bus to los angeles. so without a license plate they couldn't do that. investigators don't know how or when angelle was killed. an autopsy is scheduled for this morning. espinoza is in jail on $1 million bail. janine de la vega, ktvu channel
8:34 am
2 news. 8:31. pg&e investigating two two separate and unconnected power outages in san rafael of one black outis still a -- san rafael. one blackout still going on. this knocked out power to 3500 customers. the outage is down to 66 homes and bizs. pg&e hopes to get everything back on in about an hour. there was a larger outage in terra linda in san rafael last night. the power went off about 6:00 affecting about 20,000 homes and businesses. pg&e was able to get the power back on to everybody. the investigation still goes on. the chp is investigating the death of a homeless woman who was hit and killed on a santa rosa roadway while she was mouth looking for her lost -- out looking for her lost
8:35 am
dog. it happened near west avenue and meek lin court. investigators say the 35-year- old woman was looking for her lost chihuahua when she stepped out in traffic. she was hit by two cars and died. the chp says both drivers are cooperating with the investigation. 8:33. a health alert has been issued as two petaluma schools. that's after a 17-year-old student was hospitalized with a highly contagious blood infection. tara moriarty just spoke to a school principal and has more information about the sick student. >> reporter: good morning. the principal here at petaluma high school believes this was an isolated incident. here is a copy of the warning that went out to students both here as well as casa grande. it describes the symptoms of meningococcal disease and describes how serious it is even if you survive it. here's what happened on saturday, a 17-year-old here at
8:36 am
petaluma high. christopher posy swayne became very ill and collapsed. doctors discovered he had contracted the infection caused by the bacteria that can develop into meningitis. alerts were issued to his family and some others who were hanging out with him friday night. >> its every parent's nightmare. i've been working with his mother and grandmother. but chris has really come through. he was out of sedation, the news was yesterday and is alert and much better:'s very happy and -- we're very happy and pleased about that. >> reporter: the symptoms, high fever, rash and stiff neck. the disease is treated with antibiotics but if left untreated can lead to other diseases. you can get this by kissing,
8:37 am
sharing utensils, toothbrushes or getting coughed on. five to 15 -- 5 to 15% of people don't survive. of those who live, you can experience permanent brain damage, hearing loss or loss of arms or legs. so school flick officials put -- so school district officials put out an alert and believe this is an isolated incident. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. today more delays are expected on the richmond san rafael bridge because crews are installing a new toll collection system. this morning, one lane will be closed westbound interstate 580 before the toll plaza. caltrans says single lane closures may cause delays up to 15 minutes. the closures will continue through march 5th. chains are snow tires are still required on highway 49 in northern california's gold cun. it was a mess for drivers yesterday. the chp says it was called to
8:38 am
rescue between 50 and 75% that either crashed or became stranded. but no major injuries were reported. 8:35. sal you've been so busy, you've barely had a chance to talk. can you stop and take me to the bridge? >> i would be happy to tell you. what are these guys talking about? >> talking about it again. >> let's go to the bridge. right now, southbound 101 -- and a beautiful bridge at that. southbound 101, you are doing very well at the toll plaza. you can get up there and do your thing on the bridge. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. this commute has improved a little bit. i don't know if you can tell but we were up to almost 30 minutes at this toll plaza. now it's down to about 20. so we've seen some improvement. also improvement on 880 northbound. it was backed up from about 238. it's still a little bit slow as you drive north but southbound is still pretty busy from
8:39 am
hayward to union city. let's go to the maps. i want to see if we can look at that here. southbound 880 into the south bay. it does improve. 101 in san jose is backed up from about 280 into sunnyvale. here's steve. cold out there. left behind. >> not a bad guy. let's give it credit. snow, we had hail, some rain. .25 to .5. it's now down into southern california. snow reports down there. in fact, a flight delay at phoenix due to thunderstorm activity and there's a lot of rain down in arizona and our system, though, is on its way out unfortunately for those of you looking for more rain. it doesn't look like it. maybe saturday morning but that looks weak to me. .25 to .5. almost everybody was in that range. that's exactly what we got. we had one little band go through. after that, it was kind of hit and miss. but the hail reports were numerous. 41 in san francisco, 52. we'll go for a high of 56 after
8:40 am
yesterday's 48 chilly degrees. some snow in the mountains. i mean, at lake level our observer at the des only had 1 -- keys only had 1 inch of snow. i think we had more here than they did at lake level. we'll take all we can get. clear skies, maybe a few clouds. but our little system is on the way out of here. as it moves across the country, i will track it, i think it's go in be a big weather player. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. we had 20s. yes, we did. a lot of reports of ice on the windshields and i think we'll see that again tomorrow. today will be cool but it will be sunny. good visibility. great air quality. sunny, breezy. a little windy at times. the winds, also on the coast. it will be a little breezy here. 50s and 60s. still below average on the temperatures. we should be between 60 and 65. after yesterday's way below average temperatures these are slightly we lee. sunnyside up, nice -- below.
8:41 am
sunnyside up. nice. weak, weak system on saturday and we'll take that into sunday. overnight, the hayward city council approved a 45-day moratorium on so-called internet sweepstakes cafes. the cafes are doubling as -- disturbing as illegal gambling operations. landlords are working with the city to close down two of those operations. the moratorium is designed to give city officials more time to go over whether they need to revise zoning regulations. dozens of bay area restaurants have a chance to win the covenant james beard award. the semifinalists include rich table in san francisco, and state bird provisions in san francisco. both are up for best new restaurant. the finalists will be announced next month. the winners will be honored a at ceremony in may at new york's lincoln center.
8:42 am
a napa valley restaurant is also being honored and recognized. the famous french laundry in yountville has been named the finest restaurant in the united states by the daily meal. chef thomas keller founded the french laundry back in the '90s. every day the staff creates two nine-course tasting menus. no ingredient is repeated throughout the meal. 20 minutes before 9:00. cities are being asked whether they are interested in hosting the olympics. other places include new york, chicago and los angeles. operating costs wouldic seed $3 billion and that's not including infrastructure or venue construction. the cities outside of the u.s. expressing interest in the games include paris and rome. some of the happiest tweeters in america live right here in northern california.
8:43 am
researchers analyzed 10 million messages on twitter in 2011 and wanted to map out the moods of people in urban areas. locations were ranked on the frequency of positive and negative words. cities include santa cruz, napa and san clemente in southern california. on the flip side, some of the more bombed out cities include beaumont, texas and alabama, georgia. 8:41. apple is famous for keeping some of its activities secret. well, now apple is telling how a hacker was able to get inside the computer system. oscar pistorius is fight for his freedom. the discovery he made in his home that was made this morning, a live report from south africa. well, well, well.
8:44 am
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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stocks are lower on wall street right now. among the factors impacting trading is a government report that home building slowed down during the first month of the year. but all of the trop included in the vol -- drop included apartment building. the dow is down below 14,000, 41. the nasdaq is down 20. s&p down 7. china's defense ministry says a report accusing china of
8:47 am
hacking attacks on u.s. targets is flawed. in a statement released today, china's military says the report tying the craiger attacks to a secret chinese military unit working at this facility in shanghai were wrong. the defense ministry says merely linking the ip addresses to the facility is not technical proof. apple was hacked. pam cook joins us in the studio to explain how that information was released that may be the most interesting part of the stow. >> yeah -- part of the story. >> yeah. amle says this is -- apple says this is similar to the facebook incident. they say employee computers were hacked after visiting website developers. apple says the malware was installed on a small number of systems that were isolated from the network and that "there is no evidence that any data left
8:48 am
apple." now, apple facebook and twitter have been reported recent cyber attacks. the new york times, the wall street journal and the washington post all believe hackers in china are responsible for the attacks on their site. the state department says it has raised concerns over cyber theft with the chinese government. dave and tori? 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. firefighters in contra costa county battled this huge home fire in diablo. it started around 4:45 this morning near the diablo country club. the building didn't catch fire. it was a caretaker's home. two people lived there but they did get out safely. still no word on the cause of the fire. in san francisco, the water is going but the mess is still at north beach -- at the intersection of mason and fillbert. a water main burst overnight and the water officialed the --
8:49 am
filled the intersection flooding the area. muni, meantime, has stopped cable cars from going through the area. inspectors have to first check the stability of the tracks. by this time tomorrow, olympic track star and accused murderer, oscar pistorius, could be out on bill in south africa. today was day two of his bail hearing. our reporter is live in south africa with surprising developments in court this morning. robin? >> reporter: hi, there. well, it was indeed a rivetting, compelling day in court. a lot of information coming out from both the prosecution and the state about what they think happened early on valentine's day. what's crucial in terms of an overall view of what happened today, you know, we got the sense and i think many people did in the courtroom got the
8:50 am
sense, that oscar pistorius's managed to weaken or discredit much of the state's case against hill. according to the defense, there's been a lot of sloppy police work. the police investigator said he didn't wear protective shoe covers went he -- when he went into the house and so he contaminated the crime scene. they also said they found two boxes of testosterone and syringings in his house, alleging that he was doping. however, oscar's team said have you tasted the substance? how do you know that it's tess te te ron. they said they only read the label. it's a herbal natural medicine. so it's those things that cut down a lot of the motive that the state has put forward as to this murder. it's all gonna continue tomorrow. final arguments tomorrow and then hopefully, i think some decision on the magistrate
8:51 am
whether oscar pistorius stays in jail for the next few months until there is a trial or whether he's released on bail. >> this is fascinating. we have a satellite delay talking to you live in south africa. we also know a moment ago oscar pistorius's uncle came out and made a statement. tell us what he said. >> reporter: well, it was a very emotional state. this is a very close family. i've seen them in court a lot. it's a large family as well. they constantly physically support oscar, often putting their hands on his shoulder as he sobs in court. what his uncle said -- i'm going to read it from my notes -- he said that oscar is in extreme shock, that he's still grieving. he doesn't expect him to recover any time soon. now, just remember, oscar is arguing that he shot his girlfriend in a terrible accident. he thought she was an intruder. so beyond that, he said that the -- the uncle said that
8:52 am
oscar has been struggling to control himself as we can see in the courtroom. he's finding it very difficult to listen as to what happened over and over again. he said oscar is a strong person and he will survive but he doesn't think that he will really ever get over this and he will take this experience to the grave. of course we're talking about oscar tea family and their sense of trying to understand what happened and the grief they feel. but we mustn't forget somebody like reeva steevkamp, the victim who sometimes does sometimes get forgotten. her family is spending the 7th night knowing she's no longer with us as oscar pistorius is spending his 7th night in jail. >> all of the breaking news from south africa. thank you, robin. 8:50. we have breaking news to tell you about. former illinois congressman jesse jackson, junior just entered a plea of guilty for a
8:53 am
scheme to spend $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. some of the personal items included a michael jackson fedora hat, fur coats and a $43,000 gold watch. jesse jackson junior's wife is charged with filing false tax returns. jackson resigned from congress in november shortly after being reelected. both jackson and his wife face maximum penalties of several years in prison. he also faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. and we have developing news from kansas city, missouri. we just found out moments ago a poddy has been found in the rubble -- body has been found in the rubble where 35 huge gas explosion triggered a huge fire and injured 15 people. crews have been searching for a woman who was reported missing after a restaurant blew up about 6:00 last night. that woman is an employee of the restaurant. now, another person who had been reported missing was found
8:54 am
alive earlier this morning. authorities now say they can't be sure that every person who may have been at the restaurant has been accounted for. again, this investigation continues and the explosion was felt several blocks away. >> the heat from the fire came into my car. my windows were up and i could feel the heat. >> the police are saying a contractor doing some underground work may have hit a gas line and that may have caused the explosion. a body found independent side -- found inside a water tank at a los angeles hotel has been identified as a missing tourist from california. a maintenance worker made the grim discovery on the roof of the hotel cesil. the victim was alyssa lamb, 20, she was visiting southern california and supposed -- was supposed to be heading to santa cruz. she was reported missing three weeks ago. investigators are still trying to figure out how she died and
8:55 am
ended up in the water tank. could be a few more days to identify bones. a hiker found the bones a few miles from skyline boulevard. clothes found nearby indicate the person was a male. we shift gears because lebron james has new competition. it's a sea otter that's an expert in slam dunking. the important length reason why he's so good -- health reason why he's so good. good morning. 880 getting up to kings, looks pretty good. we'll tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:5. san francisco police arrested -- 8:55. san francisco police arrested a man accused of a brutal assault. the victim was attacked on sutter street. she says the man forced her into a stairwell and sexually assaulted her. the suspect is 57-year-old arthur salinas. they say he's a sex offender with a parole warrant out in texas. reportedly more than 800,000 acres of almond are planted throughout the state. growers are looking to cash in on higher sale prices for almonds but they are having a tough time finding bees to pollinate the plant. this has reduced the honey bee population. nba stars may have some
8:59 am
competition. look at this adorable guy. he's a sea otter at the oregon zoo. he's become an expert at slam dunking. zookeepers say he's so good he rarely misses. there is an important reason he was trained to do this, he suffers from art -- arthritis and he can exercise his joints. >> that's the story of the day. >> cute. sal, you haven't missed this morning. >> thank you. dave, we have a sig-alert on -- the traffic is going to be busy in the area here. we have here. the toll plaza is backed up for 15 minutes. sunny, beautiful. great opportunity to see the snow on the hills. we had some yesterday. it will hold a little bit. temperatures will stay cool. it looks like another weak system on saturday. one system went out.

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